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We are moving forward into the second stage of the Carnegie3 process, exploring and consolidating strategies to overcome poverty and inequality in South Africa. October has been busy – in addition to the usual ‘mopping up’ required after a major conference, there have been three major activities:

  • First is the laborious but essential work of preparing materials presented at the September conference – papers, power-point presentations, group discussions – for sharing on the Carnegie 3 website. We aim to achieve this by Christmas, and would be very grateful if all lead authors would email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., giving permission for their paper and presentation to be made available online. The papers will be downloadable in PDF format, but power point presentations [including the illustrations] will be embedded in such a way that they may be read on the website, but NOT downloaded nor re-distributed.

  • Second is the no less laborious but fascinating work of reading all conference abstracts and papers to inform the report we are drafting for the National Planning Commission [and the wider public], which will highlight the work being done to address poverty and inequality, and identify gaps requiring further research.

  • Third are the follow-up visits to discuss and explore possible themes which different universities and other research centres might pursue and co-ordinate, with the help of one or two workshops per theme, over the next two to three years. To date, very fruitful conversations have taken place in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, East London, Alice, Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. There are still places to be visited and many more conversations to be held, but the initial response is making it possible to begin mapping out a very relevant, powerful research agenda for the next phase of the Carnegie Inquiry.

An exciting picture is emerging – of real potential and enthusiasm for building a network across universities, research centres, NGOs and government – to consolidate and implement more effective strategies and policies that address poverty and inequality in South Africa.

Ningadinwa nangomso!

With warmest good wishes,

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