prof wilson blogFor five days in early Spring 2012, over 500 participants – from universities, non- governmental organisations and government – gathered at the University of Cape Town to share, discuss and debate strategies to overcome poverty and inequality. The conference inspired hope because it was visible manifestation of the extraordinary energy which exists in South Africa. What was clear is that we can make, and in fact are making, significant advances in overcoming poverty and inequality. But what was also clear was the urgent need to continue sharing ideas and expanding networks that effectively harness this energy.

As Mamphele Ramphele stated at the conference opening, “The success of Carnegie3 will be measured by the success or failure of rooting out the mind-set that tolerates inequalities at the many levels of our society where we as citizens have influence. It has to start with you and me … South Africans have demonstrated that they have it within themselves to tackle similar daunting challenges. We can do it again. Every day from this day forward when you wake up with a fervent determination to change South Africa for the better will count.”

So how can the Carnegie3 process – over the next three years – contribute significantly to transformation? This first stage of Carnegie3 has opened up lines of communication and collaboration. We need to keep those lines open and buzzing to ensure that the promise embodied in our great Constitution increasingly becomes a reality for all our citizens.

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