Kate O’Regan


Justice O’ Regan served as one of the first judges of the new post apartheid Constitutional Court of South Africa, from 1994 till 2009, when her fifteen-year term ended.

Since her term as a judge at the Constitutional Court ended, she has served as an ad hoc judge of the Supreme Court of Namibia (from 2010), Chairperson of the United Nations Internal Justice Council (from 2008 - 2012), a body established by the General Assembly to help ensure "independence, professionalism and accountability" in the internal system of justice within the United Nations, President of the International Monetary Fund Administrative Tribunal (from 2011) and as a member of the World Bank Sanctions Board (from 2012). She is a member of the Council of the University of Cape Town as well as of the boards of several South African and international NGOs working in the fields of democracy, the rule of law, human rights and equality, including Corruption Watch, the Equal Rights Trust, and the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law.

For nearly ten years, Justice O’Regan has been closely associated with the establishment of SAFLII, a free access to law website which publishes judgments from South African courts, as well as from our courts in our neighbouring countries. SAFLII was first based at the Constitutional Court and is now based at the University of Cape Town.

Justice O’Regan is a Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford and an Honorary Professor at the University of Cape Town.