Upcoming Dialogues

National gathering of the Mandela Initiative, 12 – 14 February 2018

The Mandela Initiative will be hosting a national workshop to report on its work since 2012. The workshop will involve government, academia and civil society in the hope of contributing to reinvigorating the debate about accelerating the pace of change in South Africa. The gathering aims to anchor the MI’s contributions within an analysis of the current South African political and economic context; share the recommendations from the MI-related workstreams to advance the goal of eliminating poverty and reducing inequality; and engage critically with the potential impact of the recommendations on eliminating structural poverty and inequality. Ways of promoting popular conversations and debate about what needs to be done to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality, beyond the MI, will also be discussed. A draft synthesis report that reflects the findings of the contributions to the Initiative was prepared to assist participants in the national gathering.

Access the draft synthesis report and summaries..