Western Cape Regional Workshop: A Focus on Health and Education
November 2014

The workshop was opened by University of Cape Town Deputy VC and Chair of the Mandela Initiative, Crain Soudien, and former Constitutional Court Judge Kate O’Regan who chaired the Khayelitsha Commission. Speaking at the workshop, Soudien said that inequality may have risen in South Africa over the past few years despite a growing middle class. “Some wealth has been distributed and since 1993, we have seen the African middle class increase from 300 000 to four million. But where in many other countries we see that an increase in national income has a positive flattening out effect on inequality by benefiting all income groups, we don’ t see this in South Africa, ” he said.

Education and the Poor – A Stocktaking
Growth and Poverty Reduction in Africa
Pluralistic Approaches to Universal Health Coverage
Towards a Safer Khayelitsha
WCED Strategic Goals